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Mind Meld

John York

March 2019 9780999387061


There are many unexplained accounts of alien encounters and strange occurrences which have been documented throughout human history.  These encounters could just as reasonably be interpreted to have been the result of interactions with a parallel world rather than an extraterrestrial visitation.  In fact, the field of theoretical physics has produced many parallel world theories, although the possibility of parallel worlds is generally considered the stuff of science fiction.

One day, however, near a small town in Southern California, in a canyon where the O’Brian’s ranch is located, a faint, nearly subsonic sound began to make itself apparent.  At first, the sound was relatively easy to ignore, but over time it seemed to bore its way into Wolf O’Brian’s consciousness.  Eventually, the sound became so insistent it compelled Wolf to try to find the source.  What he discovered was beyond belief, a gateway, a portal leading to a very different world, a parallel world.

After two years of amazing discoveries and growing friendships between the O’Brians and the benevolent beings from this other world, a moment of naïve altruism results in the start of an insidious alien invasion of the human world.  A squadron of U.S Marine fighter pilots become the first victims of an alien, brain-infesting parasite and they quickly spread the invasion aboard the deployed warship, USS Wasp.

The aliens, however, soon discover that humans are much more difficult to control than other species they have dominated and enslaved in the past.  The poorly planned, prematurely launched invasion of the human world is set in motion by the clueless Glort-Marine hybrids.  Plots and plans are hatched and foiled, battles are fought in three dimensions, and our intrepid heroes, Wolf and Chase O’Brian, ultimately find themselves in the complicated and challenging position of trying to save the world.


Captain Walsh stepped out of nowhere from a place about a hundred yards from the Telegraph Pass Trail.  This place was set back in a craggy outcrop of large rocks, out of sight from the main trail.  He wore a military issue backpack which contained a large ceramic jar filled with a yellowish liquid and a slender metal tube containing precious embryonic lifeforms.  There were also instructions, laboriously translated into English, providing detailed information about what to do with these things.  He made his way back down to the main trail and headed toward Yuma.

He was not worried about others seeing him.  The trail was popular with hikers and moderately traveled.  It wasn’t unusual to meet others on the trail.   It wasn’t unusual to see people exploring paths off the main trail either.  His introduction to the trail occurred several months earlier as part of a Marine physical training exercise, when his whole unit had made the challenging climb to the top of Telegraph Pass.  This kind of training exercise was used to keep the Marines in shape and helped to prepare them for inevitable deployments overseas.

It was Wednesday, and he should have already reported for duty at the Marine Corp Air Station at Yuma.  He always kept a spare flight suit in the trunk of his car, so he would change into that uniform and drive immediately to his unit, the Black Sheep squadron.  He would tell them he had car trouble.

He spent the next week arranging individual meetings with his subordinates, his peers, and the commander of the Marine Aircraft Group 13, to which his attack squadron was attached. A week later, back up on the Telegraph Pass Trail, Captain Walsh discovered he was locked out.  He panicked. He needed help. He needed some direction. The wheels of his mission were already in motion.


"From 0 to 60 in the most amazing way. This is my second book that I have read from John York, and what an adventure. If you like Sci-Fi, this is a must read. John puts you in a real place, experiencing unreal events. I could not put the book down."  Amazon Reader

"Big problem with this Book. I couldn't put it down. John York delivers a easy to read, compelling story that borders non-fiction. Truly an enjoyable read. Can't wait for the next book."  Amazon Reader